OÜ Restor has been successfully operating on the Estonian construction market since 1990, offering design, construction, reconstruction, restoration and renovation services.

We also take on exciting real estate development and investment projects and reconstruct and restore unique apartments in Tallinn’s Old Town and city centre.

Investments in real estate and construction are generally long-term and of great importance and therefore require careful consideration. We utilise our best skills and principles to help clients find a reasonable end-to-end solution that covers everything from concept to delivery, employing technical thinking and the best traditional and contemporary technologies.

The Old Town requires previous experience and practical knowledge. Our staff consists of experienced and highly educated professional architects and civil engineers and trained construction workers.

OÜ Restor:

  • takes clients’ wishes into account as much as possible;
  • advises clients to optimise prices, but not at the expense of quality;
  • offers all-inclusive service and project management solutions;
  • reacts promptly and is flexible with regard to any new ideas clients may have; and
  • offers emergency design and construction work where needed.

Sticking to these principles in our daily work has brought us many clients from Estonia and abroad and given us the chance to offer our services on foreign markets in Norway, Portugal, Finland and Denmark.

Positive client feedback and long-term partnerships have shown us that we are on the right track. This provides us with the certainty to continue operating according to these principles and beliefs in the future and to evolve alongside our clients.