OÜ Restor has been successfully operating on the Estonian architectural design market since 1990.

Restor employs skilled professionals who are able to combine contemporary engineering and technical thinking with the best traditional and modern technologies. All of this creates the conditions necessary for increasing a building’s value according to the client’s wishes.

Our main focus is on restoration projects, but our field of activity also includes working with contemporary architecture.

Old buildings, especially those whose culture history is of value, call for skills and understanding of their structure and technical properties. The risk is great, because contemporary construction methods may cause damage.

Throughout its years of activity, Restor has sought to offer comprehensive solutions that include everything from idea to execution. We always try offer our clients general design solutions where possible to make the process as easy for them as possible.

The design team includes a Level 8 specialist architect, a licenced Level 7 architect, a licenced Level 7 interior designer and a certified Level 7 civil engineer.